Steelers potential replacements at defensive coordinator if Teryl Austin gets fired

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Anthony Weaver has a good amount of experience as a defensive coach

Not going too far from the Steelers here as they could hire someone who knows the AFC North division as a whole. Anthony Weaver is currently the Baltimore Ravens Associate head coach and defensive line coach. The Ravens are always known for having a tough defense and Weaver has been a big part of that over the past couple of years.

Weaver only has one year of defensive coordinator experience in the NFL, but he could learn from someone like Tomlin. The Steelers would provide a good situation for Weaver, and it seems like he could gain some head coaching momentum sometime soon. Weaver would be a tremendous get for Pittsburgh with the work he has done with the Ravens.

Jim Leonhard could be a name that comes out of nowhere for the Steelers

Jim Leonhard played in the NFL for a span of almost nine years and was never a great player. He has successfully transitioned over to the coaching world but has spent all of his time in the college football world. He has gained top coaching job interest from many and could stick to the college world as some find it more comfortable to navigate.

Right now, he is only a Senior football analyst at Illinois, so he would be a quick and easy addition to the Steelers staff as a defensive coordinator. Many have spoken highly of Leonhard over the past couple of seasons, but for one reason or another, he has not landed any good jobs. If he wants to take that leap to the NFL, he would be someone that Tomlin would hire based on his past moves.

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