Steelers potential replacements at defensive coordinator if Teryl Austin gets fired

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With the Giant struggling Don "Wink" Martindale could be an option for Pittsburgh

Some were calling for Don "Wink" Martindale to join the Steelers staff when they were fed up with the defensive coordinator. That transition to a new coach never materialized in Martindale's favor. Tomlin knows him as the coach who held the coordinator spot in Baltimore from 2018 to 2021. The Raven’s defense was solid during that time and even got Martindale some interviews for top jobs.

He landed in New York with the Giants as he hoped to turn that defense around. They have gotten better for the most part, but that team lacks talent and drive. it looks like they could make changes on the coaching staff and Martindale could be the odd man out. The Steelers have to put in a call to see his interest. Martindale would be a tremendous get for Tomlin to round out his coaching staff.

Another former Head coach in Matt Patricia could be a top candidate

Another name seeking his next opportunity is Matt Patricia. Many have speculated that he was never the result of the Patriots top defenses and that Bill Belichick was the main factor in that cause. Patricia failed as a Head coach in Detroit and has not been able to find his footing yet. He still had good years as a defensive coordinator in New England no matter the cause.

After his second stint in New England where he was mischaracterized as an offensive play caller, he moved on to Philadelphia where he is a Senior defensive assistant. That is a good title, but Patricia will try to find a way to get a promotion elsewhere. Tomlin should have interest as Patricia has been a figurehead coach before and could rebound with the black and gold.