Steelers potential replacements at defensive coordinator if Teryl Austin gets fired

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings
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Brian Flores could return to the Steelers if everything falls into place

Brian Flores was only with the Steelers last season and landed a job with the Vikings as their defensive coordinator. He has done a respectable job there and just started a contract. It seems like the only way he leaves Minnesota is if he gets fired or gets a top job elsewhere. It would take a lot of things to work in Pittsburgh's favor for this to become a reality.

Flores would need to be looking for a new job, and that would mean the Vikings fall apart in this second half, which is possible. He would then be a piece of the scapegoat as the Vikings try and reshuffle the deck. Tomlin likes Flores and it would make a lot of sense for a reunion with the black and gold if Flores is out of a job and doesn't get any head coaching interest.

Another former AFC North Head coach makes the list with Mike Pettine

The NFL is a league that recycles a lot of their coaches and that means some former guys could get another look. Mike Pettine was the former Head coach of the Cleveland Browns for a lone season before he got fired. He was a stale piece for some clubs throughout his career and that started to tarnish his name as the years went by.

Pettine is trying to get his foot back in the door for some jobs around the league and the Steelers defensive coordinator could do that. Even though the defense has been able to keep this club in games, it has a lot of issues in the secondary and stopping the run. Getting an experienced coach like Pettine in the door might be able to help solve those issues.