Steelers potential replacements at defensive coordinator if Teryl Austin gets fired

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Jonathan Gannon could end up being one and done in the desert

Arizona is rolling through a terrible season, which happens to be the first under Head Coach Jonathan Gannon. Sometimes coaches find success with other clubs as a coordinator and just aren't ready to take the role of top coach in an organization. That seems to be the case with Gannon here as Arizona continues to only hold one win heading into week nine of competition.

The Cardinals owners are not known as the most patient and it seems likely that Gannon could be fired only one season into his tenure. That would open the door for the Steelers to add someone like Gannon. He is a young defensive mind who was revered as a defensive coordinator last with the Eagles. He would have to be fired first, but he would be a nice fit in Pittsburgh.

Chris Shula is another young coach that could be promoted out of LA

Sean McVay is known for his extensive coaching tree and that could grow here. Chris Shula has only held the defensive coordinator position at the college level, but he has a lot of experience at coaching positional spots in the NFL. He is currently the pass rush coordinator and linebackers coach for the LA Rams.

He has a lot of coaching bloodlines as his father is Dave Shula and his grandfather is Hall of Famer Don Shula. The bloodlines are there and that could always interest Tomlin and the Steelers franchise. It would be a gamble to hire someone like Shula as he does not have any coordinator experience in the NFL. He would be a coach that could grow and mold into his role with Tomlin taking a lot of the responsibilities.