Steelers reveal jersey numbers of Justin Fields, Russell Wilson and new additions

Here are the official numbers that Pittsburgh's new 2024 roster additions will wear this season.
Oct 30, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers helmet on the sidelines
Oct 30, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers helmet on the sidelines / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Just minutes after Cordarrelle Patterson teased his new jersey number in a post on Twitter, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced the jersey numbers of 11 new roster additions in 2024.

Fans have been wondering which jerseys some of their new players would be able to wear in Pittsburgh. Justin Fields wore Number 1 for the Chicago Bears, but the Steelers have a tradition of not handing that number out to players (in solidarity that no player is more important than the next).

The Steelers also haven't allowed much flexibility when it comes to the NFL's latest jersey number rules that allow defensive players like linebackers and cornerbacks to wear numbers in the single digits.

Here's a look at the jersey numbers for all 11 new Steelers roster additions so far in 2024, according to the Steelers official Twitter account:

Steelers jersey numbers for new additions:

No. 2: Justin Fields, QB
No. 3 Russell Wilson, QB
No. 4 Kyle Allen, QB
No. 5: Cameron Johnston, P
No. 6: Patrick Queen, LB
No. 11: Van Jefferson, WR
No. 16: Quez Watkins, WR
No. 25: DeShon Elliott, S
No. 26: Donte Jackson, CB
No. 84: Cordarrelle Patterson, RB
No. 94: Dean Lowry, DL

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't cave and allow Justin Fields to wear Number 1; however, they did break on the single-digit rule -- allowing Patrick Queen to go with Number 6 on defense. Just like that, numbers 2-6 on the roster are now occupied by new 2024 additions. Justin Fields will wear Number 2 while Russell Wilson will wear Number 3 for the 12th straight season of his NFL career.

Veteran running back and kick returner, Cordarrelle Patterson, is sticking with Number 84 -- the number he has worn in the NFL for his first 11 seasons. Cornerback Donte Jackson -- who was the Diontae Johnson trade -- will wear Number 26 for Pittsburgh this year. Fellow defensive back, DeShon Elliott, will wear Number 25.

Cameron Johnston will sport Number 5 for the Steelers. while the rest of the numbers handed out went to projected backups who are expected to be role players for Pittsburgh in 2024.

Many of these numbers remind us of former players, but these new Steelers roster additions will have a chance to write their own story on this team.

These numbers are not set in stone, and a player can elect to change his jersey number before the season if a player is traded or cut and a new number becomes available. Keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing a Steelers jersey of one of these players.