Steelers rumored quarterback upgrades ranked from least likely to most possible

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Justin Fields. player. Justin Fields. Quarterback. Justin Fields. . . 57. . 3

No other name on this list has been hotter in the rumor mill to the Steelers this past week than Justin Fields. The starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears is in an awkward situation right now. He has been the starter for the Bears since he was drafted barring a couple of games that Andy Dalton played in. Things have not gone well in Chicago as the Bears will hold the top pick in the upcoming draft.

Fields has talent, but one of the main issues for him has been the high number of turnovers and lack of talent around him. The thought of trading for Fields is that he remains young and could take another step with a change of scenery. The rumors started to get to another level this past week as the betting odds for the landing spot of Fields shot up for the Steelers quickly over a week.

We also know that Mike Tomlin liked Fields coming out of college, but the Steelers were never close to the right draft positioning to take him. We also know that rumors are saying that others in the front office of Pittsburgh also like Fields. If the Steelers could acquire him via trade for less than what the Bears are reportedly demanding, then it could make sense.

Fields would produce more as the starter over Pickett, but he could also be a liability in terms of turnovers. The Steelers would be taking a big gamble if they traded for Fields at the price that Chicago is asking for currently. It makes sense, but Fields hasn't won much in the NFL and his number of turnovers are concerning. Maybe a change of scenery would pay off for both Fields and the team trading for him, but they won't pay that price.