Steelers rumored quarterback upgrades ranked from least likely to most possible

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2. Mason Rudolph. Mason Rudolph. . 55. . . Quarterback. player. Mason Rudolph

Even though there are reports out there about Mason Rudolph wanting a fresh start elsewhere next season, he has to remain on this list. Reports are saying that Rudolph enjoyed his time starting towards the end of the Steelers season, which helped the team clinch a playoff berth. Under his leadership at quarterback, the Steelers offense looked completely different.

It exposed how poorly both Pickett and Mitch Trubisky had played during their starts last season. Rudolph jumped onto the field and got this offense to a winning level. Has he gotten to another level at this point in his career, no. But he was able to show that he is a quality bridge guy or backup. He proved it not only to Pittsburgh but to the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Money talks, but it seems like the potential new situation elsewhere might be more enticing for Rudolph. He will explore the free agency market this offseason and see if there are more suitors than last year. There were no other options last free agency other than re-signing with the Steelers. It should be different this time around.

Until he signs elsewhere, it is possible that Rudolph could return on a more expensive and longer contract than he had before. He proved that he can not only provide quality starts, but that he can help your team win football games. If he can't find a better situation elsewhere, expect Rudolph to still be a top target for the black and gold to re-sign.