Steelers rumored quarterback upgrades ranked from least likely to most possible

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Rudolph would have been the top choice at quarterback for the Steelers if the report about him wanting to go elsewhere hadn't leaked. It seems probable that Rudolph will be on another team come next season unless something changes over the coming weeks. The Steelers will have to pivot to a realistic option in free agency if Rudolph fails to re-sign.

Ryan Tannehill has been circled on the possible quarterback options for Pittsburgh when free agency rolls around. It makes a lot of sense, and it is believed that the black and gold will show interest in the veteran quarterback if the pending free agent makes it to market. This would not be the high-profile guy fans are demanding, but it is the more likely situation.

The Steelers just hired Arthur Smith as their offensive coordinator, and he held that same position with the Tennessee Titans during Tannehill's best seasons of his career. He would fit right into what Smith wants and provide a veteran option who has a lot of starting experience in the NFL. One would have to imagine that he wouldn't cost an arm and a leg either after being benched last season.

The Titans fell apart last year, and Tannehill played a part in that. He has lost some of the qualities that made him a decent starter in the league with the Titans. His age is starting to catch up to him and that might make him better off as a backup. When you look at this list, Tannehill signing in free agency to push Pickett for his starting spot and the club drafting a quarterback in the mid to later rounds of the upcoming draft makes the most sense when you see what the Steelers normally do.

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