Steelers Rumors: Russell Wilson could soon reunite with former Broncos teammate

New trade rumors have surface that the Steelers could still make a trade for Courtland Sutton
Dec 3, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton (14) reacts after
Dec 3, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton (14) reacts after / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers 2024 draft is a testament to their strategic approach. While they successfully addressed many team needs, their wide receiver position remains a point of interest. Adding Roman Wilson, with spectacular and dynamic potential, was a strategic choice. However, the question of whether they needed another wide receiver to bolster the offensive firepower needed for Russell Wilson or Justin Field's success remains.

The Steelers' potential trades were a hot topic of speculation leading up to the draft; The buzz was that they might make a play for Tee Higgens.

Then, the rumor mill churned out the possibility of a trade for Brandon Aiyuk. It's intriguing to consider that they could have been on the verge of a deal for Aiyuk, but perhaps the asking price was too steep for the Steelers' liking.

The fact that no trade for a wide receiver occurred remains somewhat puzzling. The lack of trade remains curious because the Steelers renegotiated Alex Highsmith's contract ahead of the draft, giving them an additional $7-8 million in salary cap space.

Considering the Steelers had ample cap space for the rookie class, why modify Highsmith's contract unless they intended to still trade for another wide receiver? Then, following the draft, more rumors began emerging.

Steelers could make trade for Courtland Sutton

Post-draft, the Steelers' general manager, Omar Khaan, hinted at the possibility of another trade for a wide receiver while remaining tight-lipped about specifics. The resurfacing of an older rumor added to the intrigue. A potential trade for Courtland Sutton from Denver would bring a new dynamic to the Steelers' offense.

Denver has gotten cold feet on the receivers it had. It's so much so that Denver has already traded Jerry Jeudy to Cleveland, plus Sean Payton decided to cut ties with Russell Wilson because nothing headed in the right direction in 2023. Then Jeudy was sent to Cleveland next, and now the assumption is that Payton also wants to move on from Sutton.

Denver even drafted two receivers, Troy Franklin in the 4th round and Devaughn Vele in the 7th round. There are more than enough receivers, with the additional ones they currently have, to send Sutton packing.

While the 49ers may have wanted more than the Steelers could afford or wanted to pay, trading for Sutton would not break the bank. The salary cap space the Steelers freed up would be enough to accommodate Sutton's contract. Considering the trade could be plausible and that Sutton would have a lower asking price, the first question is why it has yet to occur thus far.

Considering no trade has materialized thus far, a sticking point must exist. What that could be is anyone's guess. Sutton is still a quality receiver, and a new home would do him good. Also, the Steelers are fooling themselves if they do not think they should bring in another receiver.

Pittsburgh can proceed with what they have, but doing that will bring the ire of the critics who disagree and point out they are not doing enough to win another elusive championship.