Steelers search for answers after disappointing loss to Jaguars

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) suffered a tough 20-10 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2) in a game that proved challenging on several fronts. The weather, officiating, injuries, and on-field play all contributed to a less-than-ideal outcome for the Steelers.

In typical fashion, the Steelers' offense got off to a slow start, with dropped passes and sacks disrupting their drives. They did show some promise towards the end of the first half, but their hopes were tarnished when Kenny Pickett suffered a rib injury, forcing him out of the game.

Additionally, questionable calls by the officials (both made and missed) cost the Steelers valuable points. The second half unfolded similarly, with the exception of a 22-yard touchdown catch by George Pickens late in the third quarter, narrowing the gap. Mitch Trubisky had a chance to tie the game in the fourth quarter but ended up throwing an interception into triple coverage, effectively sealing their fate.

On the defensive side of things, the Steelers held their ground for the majority of the game. They managed to force three crucial turnovers, which certainly helped keep the Jaguars in check and prevented them from converting in the red zone.

However, a significant turning point occurred in early in the game when they lost Minkah Fitzpatrick to injury. His absence was felt during critical moments in the 2nd half that proved costly as the Steelers struggled to contain plays down the middle of the field.

Steelers must have a quick turnaround on a short week

This game highlighted some much-needed improvement for the Steelers moving forward. Scoring only 10 points after creating three turnovers is just downright pathetic, especially if they aim to make the playoffs. Their inconsistent performance, swinging between improvement and regression week by week, is perplexing.

While this bitter loss and officiating frustrations are hard to accept, the team must quickly regroup as they face the Tennessee Titans in just four days. Soul-searching and self-reflection are essential for this squad. Hopefully, Kenny Pickett and Minkah Fitzpatrick will recover in time for Thursday's game, providing the team with the boost they need to bounce back and secure a victory.