Steelers should be laughing at the hilarious Chase Claypool situation in Chicago

If the Steelers think their situation is bad, just look at how things have gone for the Bears with Chase Claypool.
Steelers,Chase Claypool
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are just coming off a humiliating loss to the Houston Texans in Week 4. After one of the most abysmal performances you will see from an NFL team this year, there aren't many positive takeaways to note. This team is in shambles at the moment, and they need to make changes.

Mike Tomlin needs to go back to the drawing board after their second blowout loss this year. While things aren't going swimmingly for Pittsburgh, at least they can take some comfort in knowing how badly they hosed the Chicago Bears in the Chase Claypool trade last year.

Just before the 2022 trade deadline, the Steelers shipped Claypool away for a second-round pick. Though the Bears were optimistic that he could be a quality addition to help QB Justin Fields and their struggling offense, he has been anything but.

This past week, Claypool criticized the coaching staff -- claiming that he wasn't being used correctly. The team responded by asking him to stay home for their game against the Broncos on Sunday, Adam Jahns of The Athletic reports.

Claypool blasted the Steelers after being traded while claiming that he knows he's one of the best receivers in the league. How has that worked out for him so far?

In his first three games prior to the team sending him home, Claypool earned just 4 catches on 14 targets. This is a catch rate of just 28.6 percent for a dismal 3.6 yards per target, according to Pro Football Reference. Though Claypool did snag one touchdown on his four catches, Fields has thrown 2 interceptions when trying to target him.

All of this equates to an astoundingly low 26.5 passer rating when targeting. For reference, if a quarterback simply spiked the ball into the ground every time he snapped the ball, he would finish with a passer rating of 39.6.

Steelers look like geniously with early results of Chase Claypool trade

Claypool's career in Chicago has been a disaster, and I wouldn't be surprised if the former second-round receiver simply gets released by the organization soon. It's unbelievable that Pittsburgh was able to get the 32nd overall pick for this wildly inefficient football player.

Now it's time for Pittsburgh to prove that this trade is going to be awesome for them in the long run. Joey Porter Jr. -- the player drafted with the pick acquired in the Claypool trade -- has shown some brilliant flashes early in his NFL career. Though he's only been on the field for 58 defensive snaps, the rangy cornerback has allowed just 2 of 5 passes to be completed in his coverage for just 5.0 yards per target, per Pro Football Reference. This equates to a passer rating of just 56.2 surrendered.


Porter will have an increasingly bigger role with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the season goes on, and at some point, we can expect him to be inserted into the starting lineup. Overall, going from Claypool to Porter gives the Steelers a younger, better football player who is still very early into his rookie contract.

I do feel bad for the Bears, but we almost have to laugh at how poorly Claypool has played since leaving Pittsburgh.

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