Steelers should be looking ahead at the 2024 NFL Draft full of talent

J.C. Latham, Steelers
J.C. Latham, Steelers / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The dust has not completely settled on the 2023 NFL draft yet, but it is never too early to work on next year's installment. This past draft had plenty of talents come into the league, but there are many others that will make that leap into the professional ranks around this time next year. They all still have a season ahead of them in college football before their dreams become reality.

Trying to guess what a specific team will do during the draft is always tough, no matter if it is one day before the draft starts or an entire year beforehand. You can only assume certain positions that will likely be needs next offseason and the possible prospects that could fix those issues. The Steelers have some concerns entering this upcoming campaign that could put the emphasis on these players come the 2024 NFL draft.

Strong safety could be in need of a major upgrade after this season

One position that could need an upgrade come next draft is the strong safety position. Keanu Neal is a relatively safe option to start for this club, but he is probably not the long-term option. Some thought Pittsburgh might address this need a little under a week ago, but the draft board did not fall in that favor. There should be some interesting options that could help upgrade at safety if Neal does not prove to be the answer.

One name to keep a close eye on is James Williams out of Miami. This Hurricane has done a great job with his progression as a player and brings size with his play style as well. This safety is a bruiser and would be a nice option to fill the void that Terrell Edmunds left behind. Gaining some stability for the future in this position would be a smart idea.