Steelers should be looking ahead at the 2024 NFL Draft full of talent

J.C. Latham, Steelers
J.C. Latham, Steelers / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Right tackle could lead to another high investment for the Steelers

Adding another offensive lineman in back to back drafts early? Sure, why not? Broderick Jones was a big investment and that should bring a bright future at left tackle. The right side of the offensive line's flank is where issues could still arise. Chuks Okorafor and Dan Moore Jr. should be in a battle over the starting tackle spot on the opposite side of Jones.

Trying to invest in the trenches is something that the black and gold seem committed to since Omar Khan has taken over. Each position will be spoken for next year besides center and right tackle unless Okorafor or Moore make a jump this upcoming season. It would make a lot of sense to continue the search for different alternatives to upgrade this offensive front.

One name that will be a high pick in the 2024 NFL draft is J.C. Latham out of Alabama. He has been a starter at right tackle and that is where he will project to start at the next level. Darnell Wright comparisons will likely be in full effect as the pre-draft process picks up speed. This will be a huge season for his sendoff with the Crimson Tide to secure his early round grade for the upcoming draft in another year.

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