Steelers should double-dip these positional groups in the 2024 NFL Draft

Georgia Bulldogs offensive lineman Sedrick Van Pran (77)
Georgia Bulldogs offensive lineman Sedrick Van Pran (77) / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers have a lot of needs on their roster right now. While double dipping means allocating extra resources to the same position, it can also help fill out the roster in shallow areas. This team has a lot of holes on it, and adding two rookies to a group could be a huge help.

All of that said, Pittsburgh will have to properly spread out their draft picks in order to fill out their needs. That shouldn’t stop this team from double-dipping potentially at a few spots. Here are three positions that the Steelers should consider double dipping on during the draft.

Steelers could double-dip at offensive line

This is arguably the easiest double dip to project for the Steelers this season, as the offensive line draft class is deep and talented. Pittsburgh has been rebuilding its line over the past few seasons, and 2024 offers the chance to complete that build while taking advantage of one of the strengths of this class.

It all starts with a center which seems like an almost certain draft selection this year. Mason Cole was released, and instead of adding a capable veteran to be the reserve/short-term starter, they decided not to. This roster has no viable center on the roster, so a rookie will have to take over sooner than later.

The team has also shown a lot of interest in this tackle class this year, and understandably so. The first round is full of elite talent and days two and three have a lot of developmental options to work with. It seems almost as likely that the team takes a tackle as they do a center.

While not as likely, I think there is a chance that the Steelers draft three linemen this year, as they could double-dip at tackle or interior linemen. Regardless, I fully expect the Steelers to take at least two linemen, as they need to continue building out this depth chart and complete this rebuild.

Steelers could double-dip at cornerback

The Steelers double-dipped at cornerback just one season ago, as they added both Joey Porter and Cory Trice in the 2023 draft. All things considered, it seems as though this team could double-dip at the position once again.

Unlike last year, it seems unlikely that both potential cornerbacks will end up being outside options for the team. This team has done its homework on early outside cornerbacks as well as mid-round slot options. If the Steelers add two cornerbacks, expect one of them to be a slot-specific option.

The trade for Donte Jackson provides this team with a band-aid at outside cornerback, but the slot need is huge right now. If I had to guess, a slot defender gets filled with one of those day two picks while an outside option is a possibility on day three. It makes sense to help fill out this secondary in this draft.

Steelers could double-dip at receiver

One of the biggest needs on the roster after the aforementioned Johnson trade is at receiver. This team has George Pickens and not much else at the moment. Calvin Austin provided very little on offense and the free agents that have been signed are on minimum deals with varying success so far in the NFL.

At the bare minimum, a quality second receiver is needed to pair with Pickens. While Arthur Smith's offense isn’t built around a huge passing game, you can’t go into the season with the current crop of receivers. You need at least one more quality name, and preferably two.

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With the receiver class being as deep as it is, it isn’t unthinkable that this team takes two receivers to fill out this depth chart. One can be an immediate impact player while the other one works his way into a role. This depth chart was decimated following the loss of Johnson, so adding some extra rookie help would be a wise move.