Steelers should trade up for Cody Mauch on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

Steelers, Cody Mauch
Steelers, Cody Mauch / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the first round in the books, the second round of the draft starts tomorrow. The Pittsburgh Steelers start it off with the first pick of the 2nd round when the draft starts and later pick 49.

The winner of the first round was the Houston Texans with pick two, then trading up for pick three and thus got back-to-back selections taking C.J. Stroud and then Will Anderson. The Steelers could be the winners if they imitate the Texans in the second round, considering some quality players are still on the board.

The Steelers have a decision with their 32nd pick. Probably they take a cornerback with the 2nd selection. So how do they win the second round? Call the Houston Texans, who have already wheeled and dealed in the first round, and trade up from 49 to 33. They can get a one-two punch, essentially taking the last pick of the first round with the “first pick” of the second round at 33.

With the Steelers taking Broderick Jones, they got one of the top two offensive tackles on the board, a player that should transform the offensive line. So they can get two additional players at the start of the 2nd round and bring in immediate help to other positions. Considering they probably take a cornerback with pick 32, who do they trade up to take at 33?

Who do they trade up to take?

Some notable players, like the Alabama safety Brian Branch, remain on the board to replace Terell Edmunds. The center John Michael Schmitz and more protection for Kenny Pickett and additional help to improve the running game. There is the linebacker they like, Trenton Simpson.

There are several edge rushers. However, as unconventional as this may sound, there is one player who will not stay on the board long in the 2nd that would be a total beast and help make the Steelers offense the best it can be.

Cody Mauch IOL, North Dakota State

If North Dakota state is known for anything, it’s winning in the trenches. They have sent numerous linemen to the NFL over the years, and Cody Mauch will be another one. Several of you are now scratching your head why the Steelers would take Mauch if they drafted Broderick Jones. Ok, follow the logic on this for a minute.

Mauch is unique compared to the other lineman in that he has played every position on the offensive line. Oh, and he can play tight end too. He’s extremely athletic and is a complete beast. If Brett Kiesel looked like Viking from the middle ages, Mauch has the appearance of a barbarian and like Jack Lambert no front teeth. Plus he’s 6’6” 301. Ok, looks don’t win games for NFL teams, but talent does, and Mauch has talent.

Why is that important? The offensive line is the roughest position in football, and linemen rarely finish a season unscathed. Thus add one additional lineman that can play up and down the line. They can plug and play him wherever needed if someone gets injured. It gives the Steelers a lot of depth to the offensive line heading into the season. Mauch wouldn’t even have to start; he could be eased in. Unless he wins the starting job outright.

The Steelers offensive line had their ups and downs but did gel late in the season. Still, Broderick Jones helps, but adding Mauch completely upgrades the line. The starting offensive line could look like this heading into the season.

Center Mason Cole, Nate Herberg, James Daniels at right and left guard, Broderick Jones, and Chuwuma Okorafor at right and left tackle. Then you would have Cody Mauch, Dan Moore Jr., and one of these, Issac Seumalo, William Dunkle, or Kendrick Green. This offensive line could turn Kenny Pickett and the Steelers offense into an offensive juggernaut.

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The issue of the Steelers not scoring in the first half will certainly be over, and Najee Harris could top 1200 yards in 2023. Considering he can play tight end, they can use him for the old tackle eligible for two-point conversions or in the red zone. It would be amazing if they drafted him.