Steelers could sign these XFL players after the league's upcoming season concludes

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Nothing should be off the table when it comes to the lengths that the Steelers go to scout and find talent. They need a lot of issues resolved across their roster for the upcoming 2023 campaign, and the normal ways of player addition might not be enough. Luckily for them, there is a new way of getting talent to the NFL, as many other football leagues are starting up.

The USFL will start later this spring, but the XFL starts back up this weekend. This will be their first season after their failed attempt to come back in 2020. Many different players that have varying degrees of NFL experience will try and catch the eye of NFL teams with the hope of securing a contract by the time the XFL season ends.

Steelers could look at different special team contributors in the XFL

Marquette King is a unique personality and used to be one of the better punters in the league. Pressley Harvin III has not been consistent enough right now for the club to feel comfortable going into the pre-season. If King shows that he still has a booming leg, then it would be a wise decision to bring in for competition with Harvin, which will allow for the winner to take the job on the final roster.

Matthew McCrane is another specialist that the Steelers should keep close tabs on during his upcoming XFL season. He has NFL experience, which includes a short stint with the black and gold a couple of years ago. Chris Boswell brought up some concerns with the way he kicked last year, which might just be enough for the coaches to bring in some competition when the pre-season rolls around.