Steelers could sign these XFL players after the league's upcoming season concludes

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Looking into a potential backup quarterback could be an option

Trying to find a backup quarterback that is reliable in the NFL is a hard task to accomplish. Add that reliability with someone that comes at a low cap hit and it's almost impossible to find. Last season had one of the better quarterback depth charts that this team has seen in a very long time. One or two of those players could be off the roster this offseason.

Mason Rudolph is not coming back after sitting as the third-string signal caller all year. Mitch Trubisky has gotten many different praises from the coaches and the owner as well. He carries a high cap hit and voiced his displeasure with the club, which could see him leaving town before you know it. That leads the organization to look at some potential cheap fallback options participating in the XFL.

Looking at the XFL for a backup quarterback is not the worst idea as there were some interesting options the last time this league was around. A.J. McCarron would make a lot of sense as he should be able to perform well in this league. He was drafted by the Bengals and proved to be a stable quarterback when he got starts in the NFL. There are not too many other options in the XFL this season with more NFL experience on his resume than McCarron has.