Steelers silence the Arizona Cardinals in Week 13 game-by-game predictions

  • Steelers get the job done against Cardinals
  • Rams beat the Browns thanks to Matt Stafford
  • Jaguars take advantage of deflated Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Denver Broncos (6-5) vs Houston Texans (6-5), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Texans 35, Broncos 30

Houston is coming off a heartbreaker that would've been a massive win over Jacksonville last week if they were one yard closer on their game-winning field goal attempt. Now the red-hot Broncos come to town as they enjoy their long win streak. Houston will be battling hard to try and save their playoff hopes this week. The issue is that Denver will be in the same boat as they try and stay in the playoff picture. The Broncos have to lose eventually and C.J. Stroud should be able to handle their defense.

Carolina Panthers (1-10) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7), Sunday at 4:05 P.M. EST

Prediction: Buccaneers 20, Panthers 13

Neither team has found a ton of success this year, but Carolina is on a new level of bad this year. They are the worst team in the NFL and are coming off firing their Head coach this past week. Sometimes that might motivate a club to win the following week, but that does not seem likely with the Panthers. Tampa Bay should be able to make enough plays to get a win on the road with Carolina keeping it a one-possession game.

Cleveland Browns (7-4) vs LA Rams (5-6) at 4:25 P.M. EST

Prediction: Rams 24, Browns 18

Flying across the country is no easy task, but going up against an LA team that has found some post-season hope again makes matters worse. Myles Garrett will play, but it is still unknown how much his injury will hamper his efforts moving forward. Right now, the Browns are down to P.J. Walker and Joe Flacco as their starters at quarterback. That is not ideal, and that should allow Matthew Stafford and company enough life to get to the finish line with a win.