Steelers starting to miss out on top free agent talent after a slow day one

Cameron Sutton, Steelers
Cameron Sutton, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Day one of the negotiating period of pending free agents has begun around the NFL on Monday. After 12 P.M. Eastern time, pending free agents were allowed to start negotiating deals outside their current employer for new deals. It has been a lackluster start to the free agent frenzy for the black and gold upon writing this article.

They have missed out on some key positions to either add or re-sign to this point in the offseason. Free agency normally goes to the highest bidder, but we have seen discounts taken for a multitude of reasons. The Steelers have a ton of work in front of them, especially with the kind of news that has been coming out with free agents flying off the board.

Omar Khan is not doing enough for the Steelers as an alleged "cap guru" thus far

One of the most talked about things when Omar Khan was going for the General manager position with Pittsburgh were his cap skills. He was a reliable asset to Kevin Colbert as the club found different ways to keep competitive clubs together. There seems to be issues out the gate as Khan seemingly has not been able to open up cap space, despite obvious avenues to accomplish that task.

Free agents normally cost a pretty penny, and the Steelers do not have much cap room to work with right now. Even though there is a small chunk of spending money, this team could open up a lot more with varying restructures and terminations of contracts currently on the roster. Hopefully there is still a plan in place, but the start to day one has fizzled out.