Steelers stay committed to addressing areas of need in latest 2023 mock draft

Malik Cunningham, Steelers
Malik Cunningham, Steelers / Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA
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Steelers mock draft round 7: QB Malik Cunningham

The black and gold will either draft a quarterback or re-sign Mason Rudolph during the offseason. Taking one in the draft still seems more likely than retaining Rudolph at any price. That leads to the seventh-round selection here of Malik Cunningham to hopefully become a reliable backup by his second season in the NFL.

Mitch Trubisky will depart the team after his contract runs out after the 2023 season concludes. Cunningham has a lot of exciting tools to work with, most notably his speed and explosiveness. He needs to work on his throwing mechanics in the NFL before he can become a more well-rounded signal caller. His strength is with his legs right now, but he could grow into a special talent if he can clean up his accuracy issues.

BYU. 7. player. 55. . Wide receiver. Puca Nacua.

Steelers mock draft round 7: WR Puca Nacua

Here is the receiver that many have been clamoring for as draft weekend inches closer. Puca Nacua might not be the name everyone is looking for, but he would make a lot of sense for what the Steelers are looking for at the position. They wanted Chase Claypool to become a dominant receiver in the slot by utilizing his size, but that did not pan out.

Nacua has shown issues in college with showing separation, but he should be able to settle into the slot role well. He has some size to him that should help in that instance. Nacua is not as big of a target as Claypool, but he is more used to making tighter catches since he does struggle to separate at times. This would be a solid addition with the Steelers final pick in the draft to battle for a starting spot on this roster.

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