Steelers stay on the winning path in NFL Week 4 Picks and Predictions for each game

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders / Sam Morris/GettyImages
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Baltimore Ravens (2-1) vs Cleveland Browns (2-1), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Ravens 21, Browns 17

Huge game in the AFC North division here between the Ravens and Browns. Cleveland is playing better compared to the Ravens entering this contest, but even they have shown to be spotty at times. Baltimore is coming off a disappointing home loss last week and is dealing with a bunch of injuries. Expect it to be a close game and Lamar Jackson works enough magic to get out of Cleveland with an upset.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) vs Houston Texans (1-2), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Steelers 24, Texans 17

Pittsburgh was able to take care of business in Las Vegas last week and started to show signs of progress. Houston has a young team that has been able to show that they can compete each week. The Steelers are going to struggle this week, but they should be able to take advantage of the Texans' weaknesses and their rookie quarterback enough to win the game.

T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith will have to perform well against some strong tackles. The real domination needs to come in the middle of the trenches for Pittsburgh as the Texans start Kendrick Green at guard. Applying the pressure to C.J. Stroud should cause a couple of other turnovers, which should set up Kenny Pickett to lead some touchdown drives.

LA Rams (1-2) vs Indianapolis Colts (2-1), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Rams 27, Colts 24

The Rams have shown the ability to put points on the board and against some good defenses. The Colts are coming off a big win in Baltimore, but they will have issues against a veteran quarterback like Matthew Stafford. he should be able to attack the Colts' secondary for most of the game and LA's defense will do enough to cause a difference in the game.