Steelers still need to attack these needs after first wave of free agency signings

Bud Dupree, Steelers
Bud Dupree, Steelers / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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It has been a busy free agency period for the black and gold to kick off the official start to the offseason. Many different additions and subtractions from last season’s roster have already occurred and many more could be on the way. Even though the club has seen a new vision being displayed by Omar Khan, there is still a lot more work to be done so this roster can build off their campaign last year.

Some of the main needs for this organization to address before training camp hits include receiver, tight end, safety, cornerback, outside and inside linebacker, both defensive and offensive line, and quarterback. Those are the areas that the Steelers would like to improve between now and the start of training camp if possible. Plenty of holes to fill between the rest of free agency and the draft process as well.

Finding a receiver to fill out the bottom of the roster still needs to be found

One would have to imagine that the black and gold would love to bring back Miles Boykin at some point. His market does not seem overwhelming as he continues to sit out in the free agency waters. He is a solid depth piece that established a great ability to play effective snaps on special teams, which is hard to find in a receiver. Bringing him back would put a lot of concerns and worries to rest for this club's depth.

If Boykin is not retained, then there could be some different options to fill that void. Depth at the receiver position is something that could become increasingly desperate to address, especially with Steven Simms and others futures being in question. Drafting someone seems like a logical choice in the mid to late rounds, but signing a veteran to this group might be the best choice overall.