Steelers take a massive swing at QB with a trade in latest 2024 7-round Mock Draft

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A Big Trade for a Quarterback in this Mock Draft hits in Round three

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T.J. Tampa gets the call from Mike Tomlin and he's good value at this juncture of the draft. We know Tomlin and company spent a lot of time at the Iowa State Pro Day last year to see other prospects. It's likely that they did talk to Tampa a good amount and could carry that over to this draft cycle. Tomlin and Omar Khan love to be active during Pro Days, so keep an eye on Iowa State.

Joey Porter Jr. was outstanding during his rookie campaign, but he needs help on the opposite outside corner spot. Tampa would jump into that role, if not immediately then sooner rather than later. He has good size and athletic ability at the position. Another nice upgrade for the Steelers here as they try and move past Levi Wallace and company from last season.

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A huge trade here as Pittsburgh shows they're willing to move on from Kenny Pickett. They get Justin Fields to jump in and challenge Pickett for the tip spot during the preseason. Fields hasn't had a good track record as a starter yet, but at this price, it's worth the gamble. The Steelers don't have to give up much and they get a guy that could bloom outside of Chicago.

Making this move would be something Chicago had to decide upon. They ended up taking Caleb Williams first overall. That made Fields request a trade and Pittsburgh swooped in on day two of the draft to get a trade done. Another trade in this mock draft as the Steelers try to figure out a future quarterback option.