Steelers trade up for their draft crush in final first-round 2023 NFL mock draft

Steelers, NFL Draft
Steelers, NFL Draft / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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20 Seattle Seahawks: Myles Murphey, Edge, Clemson

Face it, Geno Smith surprised everyone in 2022. No one gave the Seahawks a chance of making the playoffs, and yet they did. Geno may not be their long-term answer at quarterback, but he should be capable for another one or two seasons. Thus, if they take Myles Murphy here, they shore up their defense, which has been porous the last few seasons.

21 LA Chargers: Jordan Addison, Wr, USC

The Chargers are a decent team that needs a few tweaks. One of their needs is a wide receiver. Jordan Addison is at USC. It would be a perfect match. The rest of the NFL does not want to give Justin Herbert a threat at wide receiver. Nonetheless, it’s probably where he lands.

22 Baltimore Ravens: Nolan Smith Edge, Georgia

Despite being considered a great team, Lamar Jackson is probably overrated, and they need help on both sides of the ball. While it’s possible they could make a play for another wide receiver, they do not want to give the Steelers any offensive edge, especially if they get Paris Johnson. Thus taking a solid edge rusher might be a wise decision.  

23 Minnesota Vikings: Kalijah Kancey, DL, Pitt

The Minnesota Vikings stumbled into the playoffs, though they are not a bad team. They managed to win at the right time in the regular season. They still need help in all aspects of their game. Kancey might not be their first choice, but it’s entirely possible the other players they want might be off the board. Thus adding to their defense might allow them to remain contenders at least.