Steelers trade up for their draft crush in final first-round 2023 NFL mock draft

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28 Cincinnati Bengals:  Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame

The Bengals need a tight end, and if Kincaid is gone, they take Mayer here. Although Mayer is probably much better than Kincaid. What Bengal fan would not salivate at the prospect of having Burrows having a tight end that could be the next Travis Kelce? As a Steelers fan seeing Burrows have another weapon that could kill the Steelers in a close game is not palatable; nonetheless, Mayer dropping to the Bengals is a strong possibility. 

29 New Orleans Saints: Will Mcdonald, EDGE,  Iowa State

The Saints quietly managed to offer Derek Carr a contract he quickly accepted. Plus, they managed to keep Jameis Winston as an insurance policy. Chris Olave is quickly becoming their number-one receiver, and Michael Thomas will return, though how productive he will be is anyone's guess. Then they pulled off the steal of free agency, taking Jaamal Williams from the Lions.

They used free agency to improve their offense; thus, they now use the draft to help their defense. They will either take an edge rusher or a defensive lineman. If Mcdonald is on the board, he would be a solid addition. Although Bryan Breese, Calijah Kancey, or Myles Murphy are contenders for the Saints if they are available too.  

30 Philadelphia Eagles: Bryan Breece, DL, Clemson

The Eagles get two first-round picks this year. While they could go any number of directions with this selection, it still seems likely they will continue to add to their defense. Taking Breece is almost a no-brainer. If he is there, and you already took a cornerback, then taking a safety is the ultimate complimentary pick. They can transform their defense with two picks and perhaps win the whole enchilada in 2023.  

31 Kansas City Chiefs: Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma

Who will the Chiefs take? Primarily it depends on who you ask. There are no clear-cut favorites for the 31st pick this year. Yet there are two leading contenders, Anton Harrison, and Dawand Jones. After that, it seems people put names on a dartboard and go with the one they hit. If they do not go for a tackle, they did lose JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Travis Kelce is not getting any younger. It will not be surprising if the Chiefs go with the best player available when on the clock.

As with all mock drafts, you have to take them with a grain of salt. We know each team has its needs and will address those needs differently. Will we likely see several trades as we did last year? That is probably what happens. Once teams start wheeling and dealing, who knows how the draft actually pans out. Plus it’s always interesting to see who the guy is that falls unexpectedly and gets picked up in the latter rounds.

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There will be no shortage of excitement this year. This is partly because there is not a sure lock for the number one pick as when Jacksonville grabbed Trevor Lawrence or in 2022 with the Travon Walker/ Aidan Hutchenson show. As always, Steelers fans will wait with bated breath to see whose name gets called.