Steelers undrafted rookies that have the best shot at making the final roster

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Not too many players on a football field come training camp have more to prove than undrafted free agents. For one reason or another none of the 32 teams in the NFL decided to use any of their selections on them through the seven-round draft process. Once the draft concludes those undrafted rookies can sign with any club that offers them a contract.

The Steelers seemed to initially sign seven undrafted rookies this year, which is a light class when you compare it to years prior. Now, it seems like they did not pick up one of those free agents and there will be six undrafted rookies that will try and fight their way onto the 53-man roster by the conclusion of the preseason process.

Keeping a fullback based on his special teams experience could be a wise choice

One of the six officially signed by the club in recent weeks was Monte Pottebaum out of Iowa. He was one of the first undrafted free agents have something posted on social media announcing his move to Pittsburgh. His favorite childhood team is now his employer, and he will not have to change much in terms of color scheme from his collegiate club to the big leagues.

Connor Heyward could cause a few issues when it comes to Pottebaum making this club. The name of the game for this fullback to make this roster is special teams. He needs to become a beacon of light in the third phase of football if he wants to stick around this club longer than training camp and beyond. Pottebaum should be able to provide quality snaps on special teams, which the Steelers will surely be looking for.