Steelers undrafted rookies that have the best shot at making the final roster

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Is Trevor Downing still with the Steelers after some crazy roster fluctuation?

In the fast-paced world of the NFL, there are alterations to the roster on a constant basis. This time of year brings roster transactions routinely as plenty of players create massive turnover as each club tries to enter training camp with their best 90-man roster possible. With that said, something strange happened between the black and gold and one of their undrafted rookie free agent targets.

After the draft was completed and undrafted rookie classes began to be reported, Pittsburgh apparently had an interest in adding Trevor Downing. The Iowa State product was heralded as one of the top players that the club seemed to be inking into a contract. Well, that might have been wishful thinking as the center has not been on any official website yet.

The black and gold could surely use a reasonable backup at center behind their starter, Mason Cole. Kendrick Green and Ryan McCollum as their only options to fight for that backup spot. Signing someone like Downing could have been a nice addition to the depth of this roster and upgrading over Green and McCollum.

Ever since the original news of Downing joining the franchise, there have been a lot of question marks about his involvement with the team. He did not attend rookie minicamp and the club has announced only six undrafted free agents that have officially joined the team. Downing would still be a nice addition to this roster, but time is running out.