Steelers undrafted rookies that have the best shot at making the final roster

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A highly productive edge rusher could put himself on the Steelers' 53-man roster

One of the best-situated undrafted free agents on the roster right now seems to be David Perales. He is an outside linebacker that should be able to compete for a roster spot between now and the conclusion of the preseason. He was a highly productive player at the collegiate level and that should carry over to the preseason against some weaker competition at tackle.

The NFL level poses a higher level of competition even by the bottom-of-the-barrel depth players. With that said, Perales should be able to find ways past some of the tackles that he will play in the later portions of preseason games. He was able to use different methods of pass rush skillsets to get to the quarterback as a Bulldog.

It's not going to be sunshine and rainbows for this edge rusher with the Steelers as he still has a steep hill to climb to make this club. The four outside linebackers seem to be locked into their roster spots already with the two starters, Markus Golden, and Nick Herbig already there. Perales will have to shove someone else off the roster that plays another position.


As shown before in past training camp and preseason processes, these types of players will have to prove themselves on special teams. Perales should be able to show his pass rush ability early and often, but it might not mean a lot when another guy is better at special teams. That will be the determining factor if Pittsburgh decides to keep Perales around or try stuffing him onto the practice squad.