Steelers vs 49ers: Who the experts are taking in this brutal Week 1 matchup

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers / Daniel Shirey/GettyImages
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Predictors believe it will be a tight game but the 49ers will probably win

USA Today prediction: Steelers lose to the 49ers

There are a couple things here that seem to be a trend when you look over the reasonings behind these predictions. Right now, many are still skeptical of the Steelers as they head into the regular season despite quality performances in the preseason. USA Today claims that the 49ers defense is going to be too much for Kenny Pickett and company to handle. We shall see what happens with Bosa, but that could make a massive change.

Sporting News prediction: 49ers 22, Steelers 17

Same issue with this prediction here as the question mark of what Pickett could be in year two is in the air still. Bosa was listed as one of the reasons as to why they predicted the 49ers to win, but no one knows if he is going to play on Sunday or not. That development could make all the difference in this contest. Expect a tight game that might come down to whoever creates more turnovers.

Sportsnaut prediction: Steelers and 49ers tie out of the six predicted outcomes, 49ers 24, Steelers 20

Sportsnaut does their weekly predictions in a different way than the other sites included in this above. They go by a committee approach that just lists their pick to win and a final score prediction too. No matter where you look at when it comes to predictions for this game, everyone has this being a close one. Fans for both squads should expect a close game that tests how sturdy your heart really is.