Steelers vs. Browns: Who the experts are taking in this Week 11 divisional clash

A tough AFC North matchup has experts divided

Pittsburgh Steelers
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CBS Sports Prediction: Browns 23, Steelers 17

This game has constantly been a battle here as the Steelers remain giving little to favor them in this game. The Browns are against plenty of odds entering this game, especially after losing their starting quarterback for the rest of the season. The difference here for Cleveland is the rushing attack they still should be able to pull off as the Steelers' defense struggles against it. Pittsburgh's offense will need to show up if they want a shot at winning this game.

USA Today Prediction: Steelers 23, Browns 20

USA Today has the Steelers' biggest point output of most experts picking this week's contest. It would be hard to imagine that the Pittsburgh offense could put 23 points on the board against the top defensive unit in the NFL. History this season played a factor in this predicted outcome. The Steelers have not been great this season, but they have consistently found ways to win close games. They roll with that mindset here and predict the Steelers winning a close one.

Yahoo Sports Prediction: Steelers 14, Browns 13

It can't get much closer than this as Yahoo Sports picks the Steelers to win this game by one point. This seems like an old-timey score prediction here that might have happened during the early days of the NFL. Just like with the prediction of USA Today, Yahoo Sports sees the Steelers' trend of winning close games. That might be enough to convince many to predict Pittsburgh to win. It is going to be an ugly game that will keep those watching in a defensive chokehold.