Steelers vs. Browns: Writers' picks and predictions for a divisional game in Week 11

Expect a very close game in Week 11 between the Steelers and Browns
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Final prediction has Cleveland winning the game even with all their faults

There are a couple of things that should cause doubt for fans of the black and gold heading into this game. Pickett and the offense didn't look good after their 17-point start to last week’s matchup. They didn't do much in the second half and that nearly cost them the game again. They go up against the best defense in the NFL this year, and they won't get as much help as they did last game.

Thompson-Robinson moves his feet and that could cause headaches when the defense breaks contain, and he runs for first downs. The Steelers' defense has to stop the Browns' rushing attack and get after the rookie pass rusher if they want a shot at winning this game. It will likely be an ugly and close game that comes down to the wire.

Steelers lose 19-16

Pittsburgh's quality rushing game over the past several weeks will struggle to continue that trend against the Browns. It is not going to be a great showing by either side, but Thompson-Robinson will likely open up the field more and create more chunk plays than the Steelers' sluggish offense. Things will come down to turnovers and Pickett has not thrown an interception in a long time, so he seems overdue.

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Expect Thompson-Robinson to use his legs to get crucial third-down conversions to get down the field enough for field goals. It will be a low-scoring game, and one that Cleveland should be able to still run the ball with, especially with the black and gold's defense inconsistency in that department. The Browns are riding a high right now, and that could continue with a win at home this week.