Steelers vs. Browns: Writers' picks and predictions for vital Week 2 matchup

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Week two brings a new mountain of problems for the Steelers to overcome. Kenny Pickett and the offense looked terrible, and the defense did not help the cause either. Their secondary looked outmatched in every way and that has brought a lot of question marks to the team. It was only week one, but there are now some red flags for this club to overcome.

It doesn't get much easier in week two as they host the Cleveland Browns in a vital AFC North matchup. If Pittsburgh wants to compete in their division this year, they will have to take care of business against the Browns. It is going to be a tough game as the black and gold try to deal with injuries that will have multiple players out of their lineup.

Things to pay close attention to as the Steelers go up against the Browns

One of the biggest elements of this game will be how the Steelers defense can handle the rushing ability of the Browns. Not just Nick Chubb, but also stopping Deshaun Watson from using his legs to provide chunk plays and sneaky first downs. If the defense can stop that and force Watson to throw the ball, it could better the chances for the Steelers to win.

Without Cam Heyward and Diontae Johnson in the lineup, it is going to be difficult. The offensive line has a tough task again as they go up against a talented front in Cleveland. Broderick Jones will probably get his first start, but at right tackle which might cause future issues. This is a winnable game if Pickett can totally reinvent himself from last week and the defense can handle the run.