Cardinals vs. Steelers: Writers' picks and predictions for a trap game in Week 13

  • Steelers have to be careful of a potential trap game in Week 13
  • Week 13 has the potential for the offense to blow up
  • Expect a very close game between the Steelers and Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Two clubs enter this matchup in two completely different situations. The Steelers are coming off a big win last week over the Bengals on the road. It showed that they can move the ball up and down the field, but their scoring touch is still missing. Nonetheless, Pittsburgh was able to win the ball game and show positive signs on offense for the first time in a while.

The Cardinals come to town in a hole as they will probably be a top choice in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Kyler Murray is back and that has helped their offense become more effective, but their roster has a lot of deficiencies overall. They are a bad team, but the addition of Murray could get them a couple of wins by surprising a few clubs down the stretch.

Things to pay close attention to as the Steelers host the Cardinals

A couple of things to pay close attention to in this game that will directly affect the outcome. First off, Murray could be a game-changer at quarterback for the Cardinals. One would have to imagine that he can throw the ball on this defense, but Minkah Fitzpatrick looks like he will be back from injury this game. Murray has pure athletic ability and should add to his stats.

Another thing will be the Steelers' defense stopping James Conner and Murray from running the ball. Murray is similar to Lamar Jackson when it comes to escaping and hurting you with their legs. The defense will have to be smart with how they rush the passer and clog run lanes. Otherwise, this could become a tough game in a hurry.

Perhaps the biggest difference-maker this week will be Pittsburgh's offense. They need to bring over what they did last week and continue that trend here. They need to build off that by finishing drives with touchdowns more times than not. Cut down the turnovers and keep the run game established. That might allow them to overcome the other factors of this game listed above.