Cardinals vs. Steelers: Writers' picks and predictions for a trap game in Week 13

  • Steelers have to be careful of a potential trap game in Week 13
  • Week 13 has the potential for the offense to blow up
  • Expect a very close game between the Steelers and Cardinals

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Final prediction has the Steelers winning a close game that goes to the wire

The last time these two teams met, the Steelers were able to beat the Cardinals on the road with Duck Hodges at quarterback. Turnovers will be a big factor in the outcome of this one, but the Steelers' offense has to bring over their production from last week and turn it into 20 or more points to have a chance. Their defense can only help them so much.

Pittsburgh's defense has held opponents below 18 points on average recently and they have shut down the run. If they can do that again this week, then they should be able to win this game without too many scares. The issue is that they are playing a quarterback that can play lights out but can also struggle from week to week.

Kyler Murray is going to put up a respectable stat sheet this week against the Steelers. The Arizona quarterback has led his team to some decent offensive outings since his return. It will be up to the black and gold's defense to make certain that they apply pressure and cause a turnover or two. If they fail at that then Murray could beat them.

Steelers win 20-16

A couple of things that seem probable to happen this week and that Murray will keep the Cardinals in the game, and the Steelers still find a way to win. Pittsburgh has an easy schedule the rest of the way, but it wouldn't be like the Steelers to blow bad teams out of the water. Murray is going to have a great game next week.

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The difference between Arizona shocking everyone and winning is whether they can finish drives in the end zone or not. Expect the Steelers' defense to bend and not break with a couple of big plays with their backs up against the wall. Kenny Pickett and the offense probably won't have as good of a week as last time in terms of production, but they should be able to get an extra touchdown on the board.