Steelers vs. Jaguars Madden Simulation: A battle between sound offenses

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams
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Steelers Tighten Their Pass Defense Against Lawrence Looking for a Tight Win

The Jags came out running behind Etienne to start the second half, who grabbed a first down on the first play with 13 yards. Lawrence followed that up with a seven-yard scramble of his own after evading a TJ Watt sack. Two plays later Tank Bigsby got his first carry for 8 yards to cross the 50. 

Ettiene got his 10th carry on the next play and has gotten 57 yards so far. The Steelers haven’t had much luck stopping him.

On second down and nine, Lawrence felt the pressure for the first time and was brought down by Alex Highsmith for a loss of 10. A screen pass to Etienne picked up 15, allowing Jacksonville to attempt the fourth down. Lawrence was off target on the pass though, missing just his second pass of the game to turn the ball over on downs.

Pittsburgh took over at the 34. On 3rd and 6, Pickett found Pickens deep over the middle for 32 yards ending the third quarter.

The Steelers opened the fourth quarter with a 13-yard slant pass to Johnson. Trevon Walker got in for a huge sack on the next play and a loss of seven. Chukwuma Okorafor earned a holding call on third and 14. On third and 24, Pickett is forced to throw it away and settle for a 48-yard field goal. With 4:05 on the clock, Boswell sank the field goal to take the 10-7 lead.

After a rocky start to the drive thanks to Watt, Lawrence found Jamal Agnew for a 30-yard pass to get across the 50 on third down. The pressure was getting tighter on Lawrence though as he began to miss passes that he would hit earlier. On 3rd and 10 Lawrence scrambled forward and tried to power through Minkah Fitzpatrick but was denied. The Jags opt to kick the field goal this time, but it split wide right, giving the Steelers control of the clock.

Inexplicably, with 2:31 on the clock, the Steelers came out throwing and pressure forced a first-down incompletion and a second-down sack. Well, now it’s the two-minute warning and third and 16. Harris finally got a carry, but only got two as the Jags used just one timeout to get the ball back for one more drive. Nice one, virtual Matt Canada.

After a first down incompletion, Lawrence has fallen from a 10/11 start to 12/17. An Etienne draw gives the Jags 8 and one less timeout. Agnew then caught a drag to pick up a first down over the middle of the field. But on the next play, Lawrence looked for the middle of the field again and found Fitzpatrick for the game-sealing interception.

Steelers win 10-7.