Steelers vs. Packers: Who the experts are taking in this Week 10 pivotal matchup

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Sporting News predicts Pittsburgh to win the game by two scores

Sporting News Prediction: Steelers 23, Packers 13

Not only does Sporting News expect the Steelers to win this game, but they also have them as their lock of the week. They have full confidence that the Steelers will win this game over the Packers. They imagine this game will be close to the very end, but Pittsburgh finds a way to score a late touchdown to pull ahead. Another big factor could be the Steelers run blocking having another big performance based on how they did last week.

AZ Central has the Steelers overcoming Green Bay in a close game

AZ Central Prediction: Steelers 20, Packers 17

The Packers are coming off a dominating win over the LA Rams last week as they played without their starting quarterback. Green Bay beat up a bad team in LA, and the Steelers were able to get out of their stadium with a win over the below-average Tennessee Titans. The difference maker in this contest will be Pittsburgh's defense. The black and gold should be able to run the ball well and win if Pickett plays a clean style of football.

Bleacher Report has the Steelers finding a way to add a lot of points on the board

Bleacher Report Prediction: Steelers 27, Packers 16

Belief in the Steelers is strong over at Bleacher Report too as they see Pittsburgh as the better club over Green Bay. Neither offense is good, in fact, they are both one of the bottom 10 worst in the NFL this season. The Steelers defense is a bright spot, and it seems like Pittsburgh has been teasing to show improvement on offense for weeks now. They think the black and gold's defense will do enough to create better opportunities for the Steelers to win this game.