Steelers vs. Packers: Who the experts are taking in this Week 10 pivotal matchup

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Final prediction has Pittsburgh beating the Packers at home in a close game

Plenty of factors going into this game that could honestly make this game a toss-up for the outcome. Green Bay was coming off a strong win last week, but they have been bad overall on offense and should struggle against the Steelers' defense. On the other hand, the Packers' defense has a couple of solid players that could have a direct effect on the outcome.

The Black and Gold are highly favored in this matchup, but that has not always been a blessing for them in the past. The Steelers need to find a way to establish their rushing game early and keep it consistent to allow for Pickett's job to get easier. Pittsburgh's defense should be able to do enough to push this team to the finish line again.

Final prediction: Steelers 23, Packers 20

Green Bay's defense is one of the worst in the league at defending the run. The Steelers should be able to attack the trenches like they did last week and open different opportunities. It is going to be a tough battle once again that will rely on the same style of play that led them here. The defense will need to be sharp for the Steelers to get places.

Even though the Packers' offense has been bad, they still have a handful of weapons on offense, which includes a solid rushing duo in the backfield. They need to shut that down and create constant pressure on Jordan Love throughout the game. That will create turnover opportunities and allow for the Steelers' stagnant offense to overcome the odds again and get another sneaky win.

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