Steelers vs Raiders: Who the experts are taking in this Week 3 vintage rivalry

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Final prediction has the black and gold winning another tight game

The quarterback play has been about even coming into this game, but Garoppolo does have the ability to play better. Pickett still needs to prove that he can turn things around, but things do look bleak right now. Las Vegas has two solid offensive tackles, but their interior could get taken advantage of.

The Raiders have a poor secondary overall and that could be something the Steelers could take advantage of. If Pickett and Canada want to turn things around on offense, they will allow for their receiver’s opportunities to make plays. This is the game where Pickett can rack up some passing stats in a positive direction, it will be up to him to execute that.

Final prediction: Steelers 22, Raiders 17

Expect another close game and it seems like the pass rush might have more issues getting to the passer this week. The Raiders have two solid starting tackles and that should slow down T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith. Even though there might not be as prevalent of a pass rush, expect Garoppolo to make a couple of mistakes for the Steelers to take advantage of.

Pickett will be the hinge point in this game as they played in a controlled environment in the dome of Las Vegas. It is going to be another tough battle for the black and gold and they will need to offense to finally perform to an acceptable standard to have a shot at winning. A late touchdown is enough for the Steelers to win this game in a tough road victory.

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