Steelers vs. Rams: Predictions and expectations for today's game

Breaking down the week 7 matchup: Rams vs. Steelers game preview
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The Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) are heading to Los Angeles after a bye week to face the Rams (3-3) this Sunday at 4:05. The season has been a rollercoaster for both teams, but the Rams' surprising early-season success has been the standout story. While Sean McVay's squad was expected to be in a rebuilding year, they've defied expectations, showing competitiveness in every game and impressive production from their rookie class.

Insights into the Steelers Bye-Week

On the flip side, the Steelers have stumbled their way to a 3-2 record with consistently lackluster performances. While the bye week might help address some issues, it's hard to anticipate significant changes given the current state of the coaching staff and team. The speculation preceding the bye week regarding potential coaching and depth chart adjustments resulted in puzzling decisions that left many fans disheartened.

Notably, these choices included sidelining talented players like Broderick Jones and Joey Porters from the starting lineup, even though Dan Moore, Levi Wallace, and Patrick Peterson had been struggling. Moreover, it came as no surprise that the Steelers opted to retain Matt Canada for the remainder of the season, given the team's historical reluctance to terminate contracts during the season. Nonetheless, for a team in evident need of changes, it's apparent that significant adjustments have yet to be made.

Key takeaways: What to watch for Sunday

On the offensive side, the Steelers have been putrid going into week 7, and a bye week can only do so much in terms of playbook improvements. With Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada at the helm, I anticipate little post-bye improvement even with the return of some key offensive starters. To come out on top in this game, the Steelers will need to put points on the board early and frequently.

The Rams, led by Matthew Stafford, have the ability to turn any matchup into a high-scoring contest at a moment's notice. Considering the Steelers' recent performances, achieving this might be quite an uphill task.

Additionally, the Rams boast Aaron Donald, one of the NFL's greatest players, and a talented Defensive Coordinator in Raheem Morris, who could soon become a Head Coach. Rookies Byron Young and Kobie Turner have also impressed. Expect Morris to exploit the Steelers' offensive line vulnerabilities, with Donald wreaking havoc along the defensive front.

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Given my lack of faith in the Steelers' coaching staff and their schemes on both sides of the ball, I can't envision the Steelers finding success against a well-coached, motivated Rams team. This game could get ugly, and I predict it will be the third blowout loss of the season against the Rams. Until this team consistently demonstrates better performances, it's hard to have high expectations. Here's to hoping the Steelers can prove me wrong come Sunday.