Steelers vs Ravens: Who the experts are taking in this Week 5 AFC North battle

Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans
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Final prediction predicts a close game that the Steelers can't come away with a win

A lot of things need to go the Steelers way for them to have a chance at winning this game. There are a lot of factors going against them, but they have won games like this in the past. They are rolling into a tough AFC North matchup as underdogs, and it would not be the first time where they found a way to win. It is going to have to be a gutsy performance in all phases of football to win this one.

Lamar Jackson is the x-factor here as the black and gold need to stop his run ability and apply pressure. Keep his eyes from looking downfield and cause him to panic. Stopping the run has to be the top priority when you go up against Jackson. Force him to beat you with his decision making and arm. If Pittsburgh can cause that scenario, then they will have a chance at winning.

Final prediction: Ravens 23, Steelers 16

After last week’s performance, it is hard to imagine the Steelers even putting up a reasonable fight here. This is a big game for the club before they head into their bye week after this. They win and people will start thinking of them in a positive light again. If they lose, then everyone will be calling for massive turnover on the entire coaching like what happened this past week.

Lamar Jackson is on a tear right now, and even though the Steelers defense will keep them in the game it won't be enough. Expect the offense of Pittsburgh to continue their issues here and beyond this game. Matt Canada is a problem for this club, but so is the quarterback and other pieces for this unit that have disappointed so far this season.

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