Steelers vs. Ravens: Writers' picks and predictions for divisional Week 5 matchup

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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Final prediction has the Ravens taking care of business in Pittsburgh

There are a lot of issues that are not going in the Steelers favor as this game approaches. They have a lot of injuries on offense including their starting left tackle, guard, tight end, and wide receiver. They could be without more if certain players continue to miss practice time like Chuks Okorafor. That is a recipe for disaster for an offensive line that is already struggling.

Alex Highsmith might be the biggest issue if he is unable to go after showing up late on the injury report on Thursday with a groin issue. That might be a bigger effect on the game than any of the offensive starters that will miss out. Couple the injury bug with an offense that has no continuity or trust in one another and a club that is coming off a disastrous performance last week. It could spell disaster again in week five.

Ravens win 23-16

Once again, it cannot be overstated enough how many hurdles the Steelers will need to overcome to have a chance at winning this game. Kenny Pickett will need to play his best game as a pro and his offensive line needs to give him time and a balance with the rushing attack. Lamar Jackson is the key here as he has struggled in the past against Pittsburgh throughout his career.

The Steelers need to contain him, shut down the Ravens rushing ability and cause pressure on Jackson. That will force him to throw the ball and rely on his decision making, which is not his strongest asset of his game. It should be a tight game that comes down to the wire, but Baltimore will be able to pull ahead late and win this game.

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