Steelers vs. Seahawks: A high-stakes New Year's Eve showdown

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How can Pittsburgh's defense stop Seattle's offense?

When up against this tough Seattle offense, the Steelers face the challenge of containing a lineup with the potential to turn any game into a shootout. Fortunately, the Seahawks might be without their top running back and WR1 on Sunday.

Effectively stopping Seattle is no easy task, given their diverse offensive capabilities. The primary focus should be on stifling their passing game, especially considering the talent in their wide receiver group. Teryl Austin demonstrated creativity last week by mixing up coverages and devising a game plan that countered their tendencies. Departing from their usual heavy man coverage, the Steelers incorporated zone coverage, creating difficulties for Jake Browning and forcing three turnovers.

Apart from varied coverages, the Steelers introduced multiple blitz packages and utilized a pass-rush rotation to keep players fresh. Once again, the secondary must step up to create turnovers, especially with another injury in the middle linebacker room requiring additional support in coverage. A great defense requires all 11 players to consistently execute their roles.

Against this potent offense, the Steelers defense needs to operate cohesively, with players flying around the field and supporting each other. Playing with confidence and aggressiveness from the very first defensive snap is essential to set a tone for the game.

The outcome of the game though will hinge on whether the Steelers continue experimenting with different blitzing packages and if their pass rush can consistently win matchups. If the pass rush succeeds in making life difficult for Geno Smith, the Steelers stand a good chance in this matchup.