Steelers waive the white flag on the 2023 season at the trade deadline

Steelers, Omar Khan
Steelers, Omar Khan / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers are moving forward with what they have on defense

Similar to the offense, on the defensive side of the ball, things aren't much better. We are ranked thirtieth in average yards allowed per game, twenty-fourth in average passing yards allowed, twenty-seventh in average rushing yards allowed per game, and eighteenth in average points allowed per game.

Probably the only bright spot on defense is that we are tied for second-best in turnover differential at plus-seven and are ranked second in total takeaways with fifteen. The aforementioned coupled with the average points allowed per game factor significantly into why we currently have a winning record.

This defense needed help. Yes, I realize Cameron Heyward may be coming back into the fold very soon, but how much will he be able to play right out of the gate? We couldn't stop the run without him so why not see if anyone was interested in trading for a legitimate D-lineman who is stout against the run and who has some pass-rush upside?

Are we content with who we have in the defensive backfield? I'm not content at all. Again, did we inquire about trading for a cornerback or a safety? Maybe we did, but the fact that nothing got done tells me that we chose to keep our draft capital over trying to improve the team this season.

Let's see how we waived the white flag in the front office.