Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada when he is fired

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The Steelers' offense has been a sore spot for the team ever since Matt Canada took over as offensive coordinator. There is a lot of blame to be spread around whenever an offense is this bad, but Canada has to shoulder most of the blame. Players who run his bland and predictable scheme are not doing much to help his cause though.

A new day of hope has to be on the horizon. It makes little to no sense for Mike Tomlin to keep Canada around this year and beyond just the mere fact there are not many others on the coaching staff capable of calling plays. If there are not any other options on the staff to fill in, that is more a reflection of how poor Tomlin has assembled his inadequate staff.

Matt Canada's potential replacement might already be on the Steelers staff

Well, if history repeats itself, we already know who will be taking over for Matt Canada after the year. Mike Sullivan is currently the quarterbacks coach for the Steelers, which is the position that Canada held before he became the offensive coordinator. If Mike Tomlin continues his past trends, then it will be Sullivan who gets the promotion after the year.

If Canada gets the boot during the season, then expect someone like Sullivan to get the promotion on an interim basis and see how the offense operates under his call. If that scenario plays out, then expect him to have many voices in his ear to make play calls on the offensive side of the ball. This would be another trend that Tomlin has not seen go in a successful direction during his tenure.