Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada when he is fired

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Anthony Lynn is a former Head Coach that could get there again if he can fix the Steelers offense

When you look at coaches across the league who are looking for a shot at redemption, there are plenty around the NFL. Anthony Lynn one that stands out as the former top coach of the LA Chargers has been looking to find stable ground since his firing there. He has bounced around from place to place recently and has settled in San Francisco since 2022.

He is their "Assistant Head coach and running backs coach" and is searching for a good opportunity for another promotion. Tomlin would probably like his style and having a figure to fix this offense is something the Steelers need. Lynn is a former Head coach with a ton of experience who has been learning the ways of the 49ers for a while. Could be a nice get next year.

Mark Whipple is an obvious choice with his connection to Kenny Pickett

Perhaps the most obvious choice that people have been beating the door down for since Pickett was drafted by the Steelers. Mark Whipple was his offensive coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh. He helped Pickett get to his level of success and is someone that Pickett would be comfortable with if the Steelers made the change from Canada.

Maybe having Pickett basically choose your new offensive coordinator would not be the best choice. Whipple has a ton of experience both at the NFL and college level. He has yet to break out of the positional coaching spot in the NFL ranks, but that could change here. Whipple is another older option, but his connection to Pickett makes a lot of sense for the Steelers.

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