Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada when he is fired

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Joe Brady is an up and coming coach that the Steelers might like

Looking into a program like the Buffalo Bills here for a potential offensive coordinator option outside of Pittsburgh. Maybe they will look for a young coach who is looking for his shot at a promotion outside of Buffalo. That is where a guy like Joe Brady could become a viable option for the black and gold after this season concludes.

He is a former offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers last year and has a connection to William and Mary. That is the same college that Mike Tomlin attended, which he always likes to connect people to. Brady is still a young coach at only 34 years old, but he would surely like a job opportunity where he could redeem himself moving forward.

Darrell Bevell would bring a lot of experience coming out of Miami

Another coach who helps the quarterback position right now who could see a promotion after the year is Darrell Bevell. Many of Mike McDaniel's staff will likely be brought onto other teams with certain promotions being made. The Miami Dolphins offense has been great through the early parts of the season and someone like Bevell will benefit from that.

Bevell has a lot of NFL experience as an offensive coordinator, but none of his stays have gone extremely well. The Head coaches that he was under did not last long at their respective jobs at the time either. The Steelers could use someone like Bevell who has a lot of experience calling plays and someone who could have learned a thing or two from the high-flying Dolphins offense.