Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada when he is fired

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Davis Webb would be a young coach to gamble on with little experience

Going in a new direction here as the Steelers could take another gamble for their next offensive coordinator after Matt Canada. Going the young route here by adding someone like Davis Webb. He is in his first year of coaching after Sean Peyton hired him onto his coaching staff with the Broncos almost immediately after Webb retired. He is the quarterbacks coach for Denver this season.

If Russell Wilson sees signs of improvement from his game last year then Webb will get a lot of accolades. He is a young coach, but he knows how NFL offenses work and that could help him get into the next phase of his coaching career. Webb would be a gamble, but he could be someone that makes Kenny Pickett more comfortable.

Josh McCown could be a future Head Coach in the NFL if given the chance

Josh McCown is another recently retired quarterback who could climb NFL coaching trees soon. He is currently with the Carolina Panthers, and it seems like things are not going to plan there right now. He is still a young coach but has a lot of NFL experience with 18 years at the position in the NFL. He is the quarterbacks coach for the Panthers and the progress of Bryce Young will be his guide.

Kind of like Webb, a lot of their potential promotions will be backed behind what they can get out of their quarterbacks. Someone like McCown knows how to run an offense as a quarterback, he just wasn't the best during his playing days with his attributes. McCown is someone that could be a Head coach someday in the NFL and the Steelers could see that.