Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada when he is fired

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Pep Hamilton has been linked to the Steelers in the past and could be a top choice

When Matt Canada's job was brought into question last offseason, many people threw around a couple of names that could make sense. Byron Leftwich was a name mentioned before that has obvious connections to the Steelers. Another name that could potentially be an option after this season is up could be Pep Hamilton. That is if Canada is let go following this year.

Hamilton has a long and ranging list of football experience as a coach on the offensive side of the ball. Most of his experience has come from the NFL, but he has also coached in college and in the XFL. He is still on the younger side even though he has a ton of experience in coaching. He is looking for a new opportunity and would be a good fit with Mike Tomlin.

Marcus Brady brings a wealth of experience and Philadelphia offensive knowledge

Marcus Brady has a good number of experience on the offensive side of the ball both as a player and a coach. He is a former quarterback who spent six years in the Canadian Football League. After his playing days were over, Brady transitioned to coaching and did that in Canada too. After nearly eight years going through the Canadian coaching ranks, Brady would finally join the NFL as a coach.

He has been an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for most of his career after retiring as a player. He currently holds the job title of "Senior offensive assistant" for the Philadelphia Eagles. He knows how to call plays and could be a nice addition to the Steelers coaching staff. Brady is still on the younger side and someone who has a good amount of football knowledge.