Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada when he is fired

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Klint Kubiak comes from NFL bloodlines which the Steelers love

One thing that Pittsburgh loves as an organization is NFL bloodlines. Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan love to see when a player's family member was in the league or someone, they consider family. That trend has not carried over to Tomlin's coaching staff yet, but that could change sometime soon. One name that pops to mind with obvious bloodlines is Klint Kubiak,

His father is Gary Kubiak, who had a successful career in the NFL and had an offensive mind. Klint is now with the San Francisco 49ers and learning behind Kyle Shanahan. He is still a young guy, but he has a lot of NFL experience already and currently holds the "Passing Game Coordinator" position in the Bay Area. He would be a young guy with an NFL connection from birth that could interest the Steelers.

Zac Robinson could be the next in line from the Rams to find a promotion elsewhere

One program in the NFL that has produced high-level offensive-minded coaches in the past half a decade or so has been the LA Rams. Sean McVay has been able to teach a lot of these coaches on his staff different ways of attacking the opposition's defense. That has led to many different promotions for his positional coaches and coordinators.

Zac Robinson could be the next up on that list of the McVay coaching tree. He has gained experience in this league but has yet to be an offensive coordinator. He is currently the "Pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach" for the Rams. Robinson will probably be looking for a promotion somewhere and the Steelers might be wise to take someone from McVay's staff.