Steelers will make one of these draft-altering trades back from pick 32

Will Levis, Steelers
Will Levis, Steelers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Omar Khan cannot help himself by being in the trade market at all times as it seems lately. He is back into the rumor mill around the NFL yet again as the club holds a valuable pick to kick off the second round of the draft. There are plenty of prospects that fell to day two of the draft after plenty of people had them as first round talents heading into last night.

We are now only a couple of hours away from night two and could stand pat or trade back and gain back some draft capital. It would make a ton of sense for this club to move back after giving up their fourth-round selection to the Patriots to move up for Broderick Jones yesterday. Do not be surprised if they are able to move back and retain a nice pick or two in this draft.

Detroit Lions could pose as a top trade back option for the Steelers

Mock trade: Detroit receives pick 32, Steelers receive picks 34, 152, and 159

Could the Lions find another prospect attractive enough to feel the need of moving up two spots in the draft? This would be the ideal scenario as the Steelers would only move back a couple of spots and gain a few mid-round choices tomorrow. What would Detroit be moving up for? That is a valid question, and it could be for someone the black and gold really like.

The Lions need help in their secondary and they could be interested in Joey Porter Jr. heading into night two. They could secure that pick here by moving up, or could they shock the NFL world by moving up for a quarterback? That would be the ideal scenario as Pittsburgh would likely have the option of one of Porter or Brian Branch still being there at pick 34.